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Originally Posted by SarasMom View Post
The vet said she is not the type of dog that is prone to bloat. And the weight loss isn't as bad as I first thought - she's down only 3 pounds since the summer, not 5. She is down since her last visit in November though, but only by 0.3 pounds. And he did say that when they age their stomachs can sometimes move up, giving the appearance of a narrow abdomen and rounder chest. He also said that her excessive thirst is probably caused by the two medications for the urinary incontinence, but he wanted to redo her kidney function tests because when she had them in November they were at the high end of the normal range. We should get those tests back today. But overall he said she appears to be doing fine for a dog her age. Hopefully the tests will be okay too!
That is good news, I hope the tests will come back OK.
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