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Exclamation My new pit bull puppy help!!@!

Hi i just recently got a 7 wk old bluenose pitbull puppy. Im not new to the breed i had the best pitbull staffy mix a few years back.So i understands what comes with the breed, im just wondering if her growling and biting is normal since shes only 7 wks. I got my previous dog when she was about 6 mnths old and she understood no biting hard, the difference between play bites and hard bites.My new puppy seems to be trying to be more dominate she scrams and kicks if i try to hold her down on her back she nips at my face and arms but seems to calm down if i yelp like it hurts. Is this normal or is my dog showing agression signs. i know shes just a baby but im getting like a milion different views from my friends and would like to see if anyone has been through this
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