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I normally don't buy vet food either, but since Nino has been on this food for the past 2 years, I had to get it for him. A 20 lb bag for $83.00. When I was trying to give him his medication when I first got him, I tried hiding it in wet food. I tried, Tuna, Salmon, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Whiskas and even Gerber's Baby food. He wanted nothing to do with any of it at all. I even took up his normal food for the night and he still wouldn't touch any of the wet food.

In regards to trying the better foods for Nino, Frenchy gave me a few choices. Wellness, no fish flavor, Innova Evo 95% meat, and Nature's Variety Instinct, but I can't find those anywhere. I've been to various pet shops around my area and Mondou's. So if you can tell me where I can find this Wellness food I keep hearing about or any other food that you can recommend, I would really appreciate it. Also, is there a link where I can read up on the raw diet? I also remember reading that the Wellness is expensive. How much more so than the other brands?

I had to go to Mondou's today to pick up some litter and I saw this cat food named Holistic Select, Chicken & Lamb formula. It's a Holistic natural cat food with added minerals and vitamins. Has anyone heard of this and if so, do you recommend it. It's just a small tin, net Wt., 5.5oz @ $1.29.
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