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Hi, I am Nino's foster Mom, Lorraine.

Thank you so very much Frenchy for all you are doing to help me find a new home for Nino.

I would like to give a little update on him. Health wise, he is doing well. He was tested for Feline Aids/Leukemia which was negative. He's eating & drinking well, with no diarrhea. I made a mistake on his brand of food though. It isn't Science diet, it's Hill's Prescription Diet C/D. This week he will be going to the vets for his vaccinations and a check up.

When I first got Nino, which was May 12th, you couldn't get near him without him hissing & growling at you, now this past week, he has become so loveable. The minute you walk into the room he starts purring and bunts up against you wanting petties. Like Frenchy said, I tried several times to introduce him to my crew, which didn't turn out well. I have a high trellis that I put up between the doors, so he can smell and see the other cats, but he just kept hissing & growling at them and swatting at the trellis. I know this is normal behaviour, so I gave him a few days rest. I always have at least 2-4 of my cats laying outside my door and I noticed this past week that Nino hasn't hissed or growled once when sitting at the door looking through the window pane at them. So I am going to start working on the intro's again. I am going to take 2 of my most passive cats and put the others in my sons room and see how that goes. I think that Nino is just too overwhelmed with the amount of cats I have, plus the 2 foster kittens, which makes 8 all together.
I also think it would be easier to place him in a home with 1-2 cats at the most rather than a herd like I have. LOL!!!
Oh, I also have a dog, a little Lhasa Apso who is 16 years old, but Nino hasn't see him yet.
I'm sorry this is a little long, but thank you for reading it and I will keep you updated on how the intro's go.
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