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Update: Ebenee was all checked out at the vet, she's up about a pound and seems healthy otherwise. The vet said looking at her previous bloodwork and ultrasound she was in exceptional health especially considering her age. Her teeth and gums looked really healthy, she couldn't feel any abnormalities in her stomach, intestines, etc. All in all she seems to be in tip top shape except for her coat and possible joint pain. She said it's possible her coat is due to the food she's on, and I could switch her to a diet more rich in fatty acids to help but it might not mesh with her gastro problem as her feces is still very dry. So she suggested Cartrophen injections as they have had good results in the past with senior cats that have arthritis. She said it's a safe route to go as it's not an NSAID and has low side effects if any at all. Ebenee has to get one injection a week for a month, then once every month from then on. I should start to see results of her being more active anywhere from 2-4 injections. She got the first one today. I did read some articles online that have scared me a bit about Cartrophen but also some wonderful articles and studies with the medication used on cats with great results. She has no prior issues with her liver as she just had bloodwork and an ultrasound in February. I said I'll try her on the 4 injections and see how she is, if there isn't much change I'll pay for an X-Ray so we can at least confirm or rule out arthritis. Does anyone have any information via experience with Cartrophen?
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