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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
This is another reason why we go to such lengths when introducing a new cat in a house that already has animals. Trying to rectify after a fight can be very difficult, and sometimes almost impossible.

So an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
They did have a bit of a spat this afternoon. As encouraged as I was yesterday, I'm that discouraged today.

We tried them both in the family room today, which is one of JD's areas, but fairly neutral (everyone uses it). JD keeps waiting until Dusty's back is turned and then charges her. If she sees him coming and turns around, she'll hiss and he backs off. If he connects, the ears go back, the paws start flying and it gets noisier. Nothing too extended--they break it off right away and just stare at each other with ears up again--but I finally separated them and ended the session.

Should we go back to meetings in more neutral territory--in the shed porch? Give it a rest for a day?

Meanwhile, Grace and Dusty are just all snootchie-snootchie nice-nice and Lili (who is too exuberant to let them loose in a room together) play bows and lies right down on the floor next to Dusty's kennel so they can play through the bars... It's just JD who can't seem to find it in his heart to play gentle
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