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not so happy day :(

nothing really bad...well for hubby's health for my sanity yes. We wanted to move to the second floor apt. Well first landlords tell me they are raising the rent because they think its worth it. the amount i would be paying would be to high for me to afford. Not with hubby's medical bills on the rise and not sure he will get his government money we've been getting. thats still waiting to be reviewed.

What i'm so pi$$ed about is the fact that we've lived in this same apartment for 8 years. nothing has been done to update it or anything. no painting no nothing. now we did some damage to the kitchen floor. its not tile its the type thats like one big sheet. i can't think of how to spell the name. but anyway it is also damage in some other areas and even if we hadn't done the damage they would have to tear it up and replace it. they informed me they want us to pay for the WHOLE thing. i don't think so!!!!!!!! plus a few things the cats damaged which is fine. I didn't agrue with them about the floor atm cause we still have to live here. But i am now looking to move out in a few years and they are in for a surprise if they think i'm paying for the whole thing. I will pay part cause i did do some damage but grrrrrrrrrrrrr. and they know our situation the fact that hubby is in kidney failure. it just makes me so mad. we pay rent on time or i let them know if its going to be late. we're quiet keep to ourselves. i just love how they want to do this to us.

So for now we're still staying in this apartment which i don't mind but i want somewhere new! Sorry i just wanted to rant. i've been so upset about this
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