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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I don't think you're going to find an air purifier that will help eliminate pet fur. Dust and dander, yes, but not the actual fur. A vacuum would help immensely though as will daily brushing. Fur normally makes it to the counter tops and furniture when there's too much on the floor (especially near heating/air conditioning vents). When I notice hairs on kitchen surfaces, I'll always find lots stuck to my sleeves as I've just finished playing/petting the dogs so I'm the one who got it there .

We have several Oreck air purifiers but that's for dander as family members have allergies. If any hair particles get sucked into it, they get zapped and you can see the sparks which usually sends the dogs panicking out of the room.
No opinion on air purifiers as I've never used one, but I do have a dog that sheds.
Thus, I second ,third and fourth the advice of regular brushing - I don't brush daily, but I do brush/comb to the skin weekly. Especially if you have a double-coated dog you will notice a serious improvement in both the amount of fur on the floors, etc, and in the health and general good disposition of your pup. Helps greatly with your bonding as well. .
Also, double-coated dogs are prone to seasonal shedding/coat blow-out which, luckily, shouldn't last more than a week or two.
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