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It's very true that breeders will continue to breed dogs with "iffy" temperaments, and even human aggression if the dog is a winner in conformation or performance. I saw this myself recently when a (gasp!) Golden Retriever savagely attacked it's handler for no reason and continued with the showing while the handler went to the emergency room. However, they are not the definition of "responsible and ethical breeders" we are discussing.

As for going to breeders - if I had my heart set on a King Cavalier Spaniel, a Lowchen, Norwich Terrier, or a Swedish Vallhund, chances are I would have to go to a breeder. (Or I can wait til Disney features them in a movie and they are aquired and dumped en masse after bybers start pumping them out. )

If I wanted a husky, Lab or pit bull, I would never go to a breeder as I would unfortunately have my pick at both shelters and rescues.

These dogs aren't being peddled by Mira, as far as I know, but they are showing up in rescues and shelters like unwanted weeds. What gives them the right to propagate a new breed and not the breeders of the Labradoodle? Both are showing up in shelters? Where do we start to lay blame?
You know for a fact that these dogs were bred and discarded by MIRA? If Mira is breeding and dumping puppies at shelters, they are no better than any other backyard breeder and should be regarded as such. Many breeds can be used as service and guide dogs, and there is no reason to be breeding for this, as the odds of getting suitable puppies by breeding is no better than pulling dogs from shelters and training them for this work.
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