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You're right.And you can get dogs with papers in rescue,as well as purebred puppies.I don't see any need to go to a breeder.The worst of course are those who's breed are killed in shelters all the time.People who go to breeders for those dogs make me ill.
Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
Once again - "papers" are NOT a guarantee of quality. They are NOT a guarantee that a breeder is reputable. Papers mean ONLY that the dog is purebred. It could be riddled with genetic defects and still have papers. The AKC/CKC does absolutely nothing to curb bad breeding.

For anyone wanting to buy a purebred puppy it's up to them to make sure the breeder is doing everything possible to better the breed and to do it right.

"Let the buyer beware". Do your homework!
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