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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Done (I think I got it under your name.)

Good Luck today!
Thanks so much! Despite the iffy weather there was a good turnout and we had a good walk. It was raining in the morning and just before the walk was to start, and started raining again just after we were done but it held off during the walk.

It's only the 2nd year for it in our area but the organizers were really pleased with the turnout. My daughter and I turned in the highest number of pledges aside from the Lions Club members, so we won a gift certificate for a local groomer. I think I might pass that on to my mom, she's a senior and has bad wrists that make it difficult for her to groom her collie. Noah is my only dog that could use a professional grooming since the others are all pretty smooth coated, but I can work on Noah myself.

The two girls who borrowed Noah and Dru were just tickled to be able to walk a dog each, and they especially seemed to love big, goofy, fluffball Noah. (and Noah really enjoyed himself too, he doesn't get out to as many places as the working dogs do with the goose work and the racing) The girls also had a friend with them and if I had known there was going to be a 3rd girl I could have taken along another dog. I also could have brought more for a couple of boys, but there was some miscommunication and I wasn't sure if they were going or not and then they showed up looking for dogs. Someone else had 2 dogs and let the older boy take one, and I shared Thunder with the younger one. He kept dropping the leash, so I double leashed Thunder and helped. Next year a friend of mine who runs a husky rescue may bring along some of her dogs too to loan out. I suggested to her that it would be a great way to generate some interest and get her adoptable dogs out and about being seen if she's got some suitable to loan for this type of event. This time she already had another comittment on the same day.
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