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It was a lot of fun, and both my sister and I are looking forward to coming out again next year (or winter woofstock if you will be participating). It was great meeting the members and their doggies. Aslan’s Bailey is just too cute for words and Winston was hanging out with us at the booth making sure that we were never in short supply of doggy drool

Hehe, Sylvie I did not count the cookies, promise, but I did have quite a bit of time to stare at the jar and come up with theories as to the best way to estimate…. And the goodies will definitely be shared with my sister and her Dobie (my sister already picked up the magnet claiming it was ‘too cute’) and my in-law’s brown lab (choco – they lurke on the board but don’t post much). I think Jermy’s ego may get a bit inflated if he would get the whole lot to himself
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