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LMAO CHico!!! I did the same thing.... I had this big a$$ bag of litter, environmental, non smelling, super pooper stuff that practically wiped the cats' butts for them.....when I got to the till and dude told me it was $29.99 for 20 lbs I just about **** my pants!! I laughed at the guy and said, I don't even spend that much for my a$$!!! I think there were other jokes and smart arse comments from me, but you know... this is a family site!!! LOL

Needless to say, we tried the newspaper pellets and we tried the cracked wheat and we tried the pearl litter and ..... just like your cats Woody, we are back to the good ol' standby clumping litter!!! I can only take so much poo on the floor around the litter box!!!
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