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It went well. She's a really strong girl. She's awake and alert. The vet is taking her out of the kennel and she's probably even going to get a bath. He had to amputate half of the leg a bit more to prevent the infection of the bone to keep spreading.
I'm in constant communication with him.
When she recovers my mind is going like a demented hamster wheel thinking about ways to find her a forever, super loving home.
She has the perfect size imho. If it wasn't because I'm committed to the Ragnar pup nut job already I would certainly take her.

She needs a name. At least until she finds a mom and/or dad. What do you think...
Terra, Alice, Hmmm what about Lynx haha I dunno. I kinda like Alice (in Wonderland). More suggestions?
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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