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Barkin Rescue is a great rescue!

They are out of London, Ontario and they were fantasic to deal with! I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I just had a bad experience with a rescue called "********" in Mississauga. I sent an application in, within 1/2 hour, I recieved a response saying that my application was "EXCELLENT" and that I was approved for adoption. I received a call and was asked to come by and see the dog that day. We drove 2 hours that evening to see the dog, with our other dog, to make sure they were compatible. When we got there, and the dogs met, the dog for adoption was coughing, so I asked the foster care giver if the dog was sick, she said it was most likely kennel cough. I offered a freindly suggestion, that it may not be the most appropraite time to show the dog. She was clearly offended, as this was not my intention. I had several questions regarding the history of the dog and what kind of medical treatment was sought. She was clearly annoyed that I was asking questions. I told her I was still interested and would like to adopt the dog. 2 days went by and I didn't hear a response. I called and e-mailed telling her I was interested. I recieved a response the next day from a different person from the organization, saying they didn't find our family suitable. I responed politley saying I was happy that the dog had a good home and aksed if she could give feedback on why were weren't suitable, so we knew for future adoptions. I was sent a very unprofessional insulting letter. They said they were offended by my suggestions and were more than qualified to make the judgement calls they did regarding animals health. They implied that I wasn't qaulified to make any such judgements. They said that "people like me are the reason why some many dogs are being looked over, because I want a perfect dog".

When I responded that the questions and suggestion was not meant to be taken defensively and I was just expressing my concern over the dogs health, I recieved a response from yet another person saying, that the only reason why I made any suggestions was because I was upset that I wasn't getting the dog?

I'm still baffled at how unprofessional, defensive and arrogant these people were. The kicker is I have been a veterinary technician for 20 years, I have been rescuing dogs from shelters for 25 years. One of which of these dogs was paralyzed, another extremely obese and 2 diabetic cats. **********, did not ask me once about any of my background or qualifications and just made the assumption that I was clueless and heartless.

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