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Hi again everyone,
I am sorry this was misunderstood: I do now want to get my cat declawed but I don't know what other options I have.
To reply to your question we trim our cat's nails about once a week. We tried the soft paws on him but that didn't go well, between him moving like a fish while the 2 of us wrestle with him to put them on and him figuring out really quick that if he pulls hard enough to get pieces of his claws out the soft paws fall he decided he'd rather damage his claws than have these on so that failed.
For the amount of scratching post maybe we need more but what puzzles me is he never used any, he stuck his claw in one maybe once a month and then scratched the carpet right beside it, same with our other scratch post he'd rather scratch the couch that is right beside the other post, and that was way before we even had our second cat. We tried the fellaway (feromones) as suggested in the article about a year ago and that didn't net any results. Covering all the furniture isn't really an option, we love our cats but we can't start to live around them, our house was built 2 years ago and the carpet is already wrecked.

Thanks a lot for your replies, I will be trying the catnip on the posts hopefully it will attract him to scratch them
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