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Need advice for cat's behaviour

My cat, just about to turn two, was born to a feral litter in a barn. The litter wasn't discovered until the kittens were about 5 months old.

My cat has been an indoor cat since I adopted him at 6 months, although I walk him on a leash and harness when I can (he won't always let me put it on takes some coaxing). He is very shy and will run and hide from strangers but cuddly with me and friendly with close friends who visit often. He loves finding new hidey holes.

A week ago we moved into a new home. He explored room by room at his own pace and was doing fine. That is, until three days ago when my cat discovered a grate that wasn't secured properly and got into the cold air return vent of the heating system. I couldn't get him out of the vents until 8 hours later when my landlord could come by and open up the ducts.

Ever since then, he's been meowing insistently and pawing at the grates, trying to get into the vents. He usually starts at about 3:30 am and continues non-stop until 7 or 8 am. Loud, insistent, gutteral, extremely angry and distraught type of meowing. Three days later and there is no signs of stopping. When I try to soothe him during these sessions he's even hissed at me, which he typically never does.

I hate to take his "safe space" away from him, but it's not really "safe". He has a cat tree and I have placed cardboard boxes all over the house and in closets, but he won't even look at those, much less hide in them. (These were in the house before he got into the vent.)

Is there anything I can do? I know the general advice is to ignore excessive vocalization but it's awfully tough to do when he's so upset and keeps at it for hours and hours. Thanks in advance for any input!
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