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Sorry for the delayed response. Because I was viewing this in the other forum, it showed me as the last poster. I only just noticed it had gotten moved and came to find the live thread!

Anyway, here's what I've got. According to the vet, she's put Jessie on a very low dose (1 1/2 units twice daily) of ProZinc insulin. She does NOT recommend checking the blood sugar - she says it's usually unnecessary...

She said to put down food in the morning. If Jessie eats, then give him the full dose (1 1/2 units). If he doesn't eat, give him 1 unit. Give him 1 1/2 units in the evening regardless. Mom is supposed to bring him back in for a full blood workup in a few weeks.

This seems like a pretty lazy way to deal with an actual diabetes diagnosis. Is it really unnecessary to check blood sugar? How on earth can you know how his blood sugar is doing if you check it every few weeks? I'm very confused...

I'll talk to mom about the ketone test strips - the vet didn't mention anything about this. I don't know how the food thing is going to go. Mom is like I was (only more stubborn) and is sure that the vet knows best.
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