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appropriate washout times when switching from one NSAID to another

Hi there, I am new here. I found this forum whilst I was searching for the answer to my above title. I have a further question though to what was already discussed. Nala, my beloved 3 year old Boerboel/Mastiff has been on Previcox since last Sept '09 as she tore her knee ligament and we were unable to afford the operation. Previous to that she had the other hip operated on. They cut off the ball joint at the top of her hip and bothced the job. We went thru 8 months of hydrotheraphy to help her build up the muscle around it.

Three weeks ago, she tore the other knee "crucite" and this time we were on medical aid and she had the operation - "Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture". They put a steel plate in her leg with 6 screws. The surgeon changed the medication to Rimadyl and Ranclav. After the first week when we ran out of meds, our vet gave us more Rimadyl & Tramal-Hexal Capsules. We have been on these now for the next 2 weeks.

My question is this - my vet has now said that we must give the meds a break before going back on the Previcox but I am VERY concerned as it has only been 3 weeks, she still has the torn knee ligament on the other leg. Surely she cannot be without pain meds just so we can satisfy the vet saying we need a "wash out period"?

Please can somebody let us know what the absolute minumum time is for us to switch from the Rimadyl to the Previcox?
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