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Pet Valu

HI, my post refers to Performatrin but first I'd like to say that I have a bit of an issue with Pet Valu itself...a few months ago my cats picked up fleas. I assumed they came in through my screen door; the older woman at my local PV told me "they can't jump that high, you bring them in on your clothes." Well, fleas fly so I stick with MY assumption of the screen door; who is to say that they didn't come in when the door was open.

I asked for the flea remedy that you apply directly to the cat via little tube & this woman told me "that type takes too long" and recommended Zodiac sprays, the one for the home & the one that is applied to the cat. The one for the home was fine, little to no smell but the one to be applied to the cats is the most rancid smelling, not only that it made my cats violently ill. I e-mailed Zodiac regarding this and of course heard nothing back.

I went back to PV and fortunately this particular woman was not there; I asked for the little tubes (also made by Zodiac) and was given them with no argument from the sales person. This stuff worked almost instantly; all fleas are gone. Had it not worked I would have pursued my local Vet office for a remedy.

I don't like that particular woman who talks to every customer (I have good ears) like they are idiots and know nothing about their pets or pet products. I also know, after having worked retail mgmt years ago that retail outlets are paid by suppliers to promote their products whether they believe in the product or not, whether they have particular knowledge of the product. Vets do the same thing (referring to the posts re Hills products.) The bottom line is money.

I recently switched my four senior cats to Performatrin Senior on the recommendation of someone who has fed Performatrin to her cat for years and whose cat has had no issues and now I am reading these horrifying posts re Performatrin. Do I wait to see if one of my boys falls ill, do I return the bag that I bought yesterday or is this dry fine to feed my boys? They get wet food each morning & water is provided at all times, obviously.

Thanx for your feedback.
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