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Originally Posted by natural_person View Post
No, the bones are not raw, they are cooked bones...they eat the cartilage parts and soft chicken bones. Just to keep them happy.
Chicken bones should never be fed cooked, ONLY raw. Cooked chicken bones will splinter easily and can cause alot of internal damage. Raw bones are much softer and easier for them to digest.

*Meal Bones; carcass, backs, necks, wings- chicken, duck, lamb, ostrich, quail, turkey etc. These bones are softer, meaty and packed with nutrients. Again, these bones will aid in dental health and the bone waste will aid in cleansing the anal sacs. They provide an essential balance of calcium, phosphorous and other vital minerals and nutrients.

*Be wary of poultry leg bones (the drum) they are long and hollow, some pets don’t chew these properly and therefore do not digest properly.
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