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Originally Posted by kiara View Post
Sitting in urine all day, especially if the dog is prone to these infections cannot be good. I guess you have to do it since she is a puppy getting trained. Perhaps you should put a towel in it to absorb the urine? What does the vet recommend? If the park is dirty (feces lying around), I would rather let her do her business in my own backyard, if you have one. Bladder infections are often related to stress and maybe she feels lonely by being alone all day. Also very important, which the vet did not tell you is that you must wash her privates often. And it has to be done front to back always, not to transfer feces to the front. I don't know what food is good, as I am more into cats at this stage of my life, dry is probably the best but make sure you put a lot of water into it and give her just enough so that she eats all of it. And wash the bowls often. We have stainless steel bowls for our cats and we wash them in the dishwasher. Also as a preventive measure (you have to ask your vet) maybe some cranberry juice would be good to add. This is used in human medicine. Good luck with your puppy.

It is definately tough to keep her from sitting in her urine. We give her a towel, she shreds it. She usally goes in the crate at 8 then my husband is home from work at around 12. Before the UTI she was holding it most of the time but now that she urinates every 10 minutes it's a little tough! We also thought about letting her hang out in the laundry room for those few hours and leaving her a potty pad and her bed, but the little turd somehow figured out how to open the door.

There isn't much feces lying around the dog park, but just as a precaution we are avoiding it from now on.

I had heard about giving dogs a cranberry supplement but after looking today I wasnt sure on the mg's I should use so I decided to wait and talk to the vet about that.
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