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Dog with E.Coli - Answered by Dr. Lee

My inlaws have a 12 year old yorkie who has been sick off and on for about the last year. She would get diarrhea and vomitting every couple of months, they've always been told by the vet that it's a virus. Well, this time she was VERY sick, very lethargic, not eating... so the vet took exrays and ran tests. First, they said that she has cancer and then called back and said that they found massive amounts of e.coli. She's been on antibiotics for a couple of days and is starting to look better. I don't know if she really has cancer or not, the vet is not being of much help. He said to give her the antibiotic and come back in 3 weeks. So, we have alot of questions.... to start... how could a dog get e.coli? could it be from the dog food? Can Intercepter cause any of these problems?

Thanks for your help!!!
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