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Uri-Con is a brand for phenylpropanolamine which is used primarily for incontinence in dogs (technically it is a sympathomimetic used primarily for urethral sphincter hypotonus).

You stated that she was just at the veterinarian. Was either blood or urine tests done? If not, there are many conditions which may not show up as a clinical sign other than incontinence that might show up on routine blood and urine tests. For example, some possible problems that come to mind are: bladder stones (this is one problem that actually need diagnostic imaging such as radiographs or ultrasound), urinary tract infections, kidney insufficiency or early kidney failure, early diabetes, diabetes insipidus, early liver problems, early Cushing's disease, etc... It might be worthwhile to make sure your veterinarian is not worried about these.

There are also other factors such as being overweight or osteoarthritis which can create incontinence as well. Hope that helps.
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