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Hi Dr Lee, and thanks for the help! I'm saving this link in my "helpful dog info" file I've got on my computer, so I can refer back to it as needed.

We saw the vet today at noon. She said that we should probably try putting him back on the Rimadyl and see if that makes much of an improvement.

And before I could even ask about supplementing, she told me to do it anyway! She said I should definitely get him on something to protect his joints and work hand-in-hand with the anti-inflammatory effects of the Rimadyl.

So I got this powder stuff to put on their food (they = Schroder and his much younger "sister" to keep her joints healthy) which is MSM, omega 3's, Chondroitin, Glucosamine and some other stuff I can't remember.

I like this vet. She gave him a very thorough check over, gave advice to help me with lugging him around all day (trouble walking = me making my hubby and room mates carry Schroder all over the house, since I can't lift him), suggested "passive extension" (I thinks she said?) exercises to help strengthen his back leg. He's 47.8 lbs, she says he's a bit on the thin side but that's probably good considering how weak his back leg is (kind of odd, when you think about it... ) She also suggested a grain-free food to help control the inflammation, but we're already doing that.

Anyway! Very long way of saying thank you! I feel very knowledgeable now, and confident that we're doing all we can for him.
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