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I don't actually know why the switch. The person at the counter, the vet tech, I guess? who gave me the meds told me she'd prefer I speak to the rescue about it first, as they are in charge of his care - which is definitely true.

We also didn't do a "wash out" period. I asked 'is it safe to just switch totally?" and the vet tech said it shouldn't be a problem. So Sunday was Rimadyl, Monday was Deramaxx.

Is it safe to use supplements in conjunction with the meds he's on right now? I don't want to take him off his meds and start supplementing w/out the permission of the rescue I'm working with, but if supplementing is safe then I'll definitely start doing so. I'll obviously ask the vet as well tomorrow, but I just wasn't sure how it all works so I hadn't done anything yet.
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