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Dog eats grass - vomits frequently - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

My 10 year old min. poodle, Josie, has been eating grass and vomiting for years, but relatively infrequently (maybe once a month). I have had her checked out at the vet (blood tests, physical exam) with no positive results for any problems. Recently (within the past month or so) she has been doing this at least three times a week. She doesn't act like she feels bad, she will ring to go out and then eat grass, sit down and throw it up (yellow), and come back in and go back to her normal business (sleeping, mostly, but if she throws up first thing in the morning she then eats her breakfast). She has been eating the same food for 1-2 years (NutroMax senior mixed with weight control). She was 3-4 pounds overweight but has lost that since I added the weight control and quit letting her lick dishes. I am concerned that she may be damaging her esophagus. Also, my younger poodle, Annie (1 year old), who learns from Josie, has started copying the grass eating (maybe once every two weeks). Any suggestions?

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