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Looks like Jake's heart situation was just par for the course for this virus - Alley has it too, and it's just caused by the agitation. That's why I was confused when the vet said she thought it was HCM, but that would cause an enlarged heart, which he didn't have. Of course, she also thought he had hyper-thyroidism, which again was unlikely (which she even admitted), since he's such a big guy. Sigh - I'm so glad I'm not going back to that vet - I just wish I had moved on a bit sooner.

I think it's mostly the food that he doesn't like - I've even been feeding him kitty crack (ahem, Fancy Feast) just to get him to eat something - he'll eat some, but not nearly as much as I'd like. He has been pushing around his old dry dish (his hint to me that he'd like something in it), so lately I've been relenting and giving him about a 1/4 cup of dry just so he'll eat something. He does seem to be reverting back to how he was when he wasn't eating beforehand - but I still have a bit of the appetite stimulant left that the doctor gave me before, so I might give that to him tonight just to get him back in action.

It's probably hard for him because his sense of smell is off, due to the sickness, and he's still not a fan of Alley, but he'll tolerate her - mostly.

Alley, who has the same thing, is a typical nutball kitten - running all over the place, eating quite a bit (although she's still on the thin side) and doing those annoying kitten things that we love so much. It's like night and day with those two!
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