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Dog ate onions - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

HELP!! My 1.5 year old Bichon was given some meatballs the other day which were cooked with quite a bit of onions (she is 9.5 pounds). The very next day while heading out for a walk with my girlfriend she started losing her balance, collapsed and urinated on herself. She was out of it for about a minute according to my girlfriend who initially believed it was a seizure. We took her to the vet immediately and explained the collapse as a seizure to vet. We thought nothing of the onions since no one ever asked us and we were unaware it was toxic. The next day she seemed to be getting better but after a walk to the mail box she ran around excited and collapsed again, this time for only a few seconds, but i witnessed it and after seeing over 15 you tube videos of dogs having seizures my girlfriend and I decided that wasnt what she had. By this time the tests came back in and they noticed she was anemic and her bile acids test came back very high and the vet believed she has a liver shunt. She didnt have ammonia issues either. The next day i was on the internet and found all of this new about onions and read about how toxicification of onions mimics a liver shunt and brought it to the vets attention explaining how we gave her over twice the toxic amount for her weight and now didnt believe that she ever had a seizure. The vet kinda "yeah yeah'd" me, but after 1000.00 in fees can someone please give me some advice? I understand it could be one or both but i dont believe they tested her blood for heinz embodies because when i asked them if they did they started getting a little defensive. I started giving her supplement vitamins and feeding her small amounts at a time to go easy on her liver and she is improving a lot. What type of tests should we have done to distinguish whether Onions were the culprit or a liver shunt??
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