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I'm totally blanking on the name of his heart condition - Heart Myopia maybe? I know he has fluid in his heart, but it hasn't enlarged, so she said she couldn't fully identify what he has. We agreed that we'd treat him first and then do the investigative work a bit later.

The costs are frustrating, plus the anxiety of having to take him back and forth every few days - I wouldn't mind the $1000 price tag if it was all diagnosed in one shot, but I guess it rarely works that way.

I'm with you on the fleas - now that I'm covered in bites, I'm as motivated as the kitties to get them outta my house! I wanted to get both kitties dosed before I tackled the house - otherwise it seemed pointless, and I wanted to make sure that Advantage wouldn't mess with Jake's medicine. He got the greenlight today, so it's Operation Flea Destruction at my house tonight when I get home from work!

I've introduced new cats into the household before, but never ones from a rescue home, so I never had to worry about them bringing in colds and pests before, but now, lesson learned!
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