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you've intrepreted things so negatively, littlesister. Please check out some of the other food related threads to see what everyone is about. Prin is our kibble "guru" and technodoll is our raw "guru".
As for Prin, she has HUGELY educated herself on dog food to make an informed decision on what to feed her dogs, and has a BSc to boot. Many of us on this forum have benefitted from her "legwork" and deciphering of scientific papers about additives and ingredients.

I, too, initially came to this forum with the idea that grocery store foods were "good enough"-until I really started to read up on the ingredients and to compare foods. Now, I feed my dogs and cat the Performatrin Ultra you sneer at and am more than pleased with the results.

I also believed that Brewer's yeast is good source of protein and B vitamins, and it might well be. But it's also the crap left over after yeast is used to make beer. It is literally the sludge that they scrape out of the vats. I'd rather get my protein from chicken or lamb, thanks, and vitamins from actual vegetables, and now prefer to feed my animals the same way.

As another note, my husband was highly sceptical of the holistic food-he thought it was overpriced and pandering to people who spoil their pets. He was sold when we went from 12-14 cups a day of dog food down to 4 cups and the dog's fur improved, their muscle tone improved, the poop decreased and the poop smell (and the dog farts) decreased. And this from a guy who grew up feeding Alpo and table scraps to farm dogs!
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