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Originally Posted by Prin
I don't understand- if you look at performatrin ultra's website, there's no corn in the food... I know a few people here have fed it to their dogs without any trouble..

The bad ingredients in that chicken one are brewer's yeast (by-product) and Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (not for human consumption), but I don't see corn.
I stopped feeding my cats performatrin because the first ingredient on the catfood bag was corn (may have been corn meal) but it definately said corn! This came off of a bag of seniors performatrin for cats.

Like I stated in my previous post, that I am sure when I started feeding them performatrin it wasn't like this.I switched from science diet to performatrin when I aquired 6 cats and science diet was so expensive, and the staff at Pet Value told me performatrin was better then Science Diet and cheaper.

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