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Your shopping list brings back memories of when we had the family at home. We used to buy a half a pig and a quarter cow as well the chickens came by the half dozen, and it came from the local farmers. Now and again I'd be called to help with the butchering. Now with the butcher shop in town that deals with the local farmers all I have to do is to go there to buy local product.

If you're having trouble with vitamin A supplement use liver, and start with between quarter and half the recommended amount. Every time you make a new batch of food just add a little more liver to it and by the time you made 3 or 4 batches should be up to the recommended amount. It will help to let the cats get used to the liver being added to the food batch and it will give you a chance to monitor their reaction and adjust the liver accordingly.

The 100 grams of chicken hearts to 4 pounds of chicken looks to be about right according to the recipe I'm using. In regards to the raw egg I haven't been using them for years, and I've just started since Christmas to use the eggs again. And I'm receiving complaints from my crew the same as you and S CM have received from using raw egg, and wouldn't you know what I just completed baking 4 pounds of pork food using raw egg. The next batch I make I will be dropping the egg out going back to the vitamin D3. Using the raw eggs seems to help eliminate the throwing up hairballs but I guess we just can't have everything.

As far as sardines go and other types of fish I haven't had anything to do with it for years. If I'm making a sardine sandwich the cats will get water out of the can and maybe a piece or 2 of sardine as a treat the same goes for any other fish we eat.

You mentioned that you had tried turkey at Thanksgiving with the cats, and they didn't like it. If it was the first introduction of a new food this is a normal thing that happens. You have to work with them introducing the new food before they'll eat it without fussing over it.
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