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Thanks for all the advise!! REALLY!!!
I will be checkign out both those links! To be honest - I do want to start getting them chicken from a farm and I recently found a farm and just this past friday picked up half pig and 1/4 cow.... I did not get them chicken cause I still have about 9 chickens left and 3 rabbits and with them seeming stand-offish with the chicken and rabbit I was planning on seeing first what do do about that.

My local farmer does have:

I know where I can get quail and cornish hen, but that would be grocery store bought.

Sardine: Would i give that to them raw or cooked? I am affraid with sardines because they have soooo many small bones around their gut area! But they are fairly fatty under the scales!

As I also mentioned before I was purchasing the Raw Bold stuff with no added vitamins. They were gobbling that stuff down pretty good... it was once I started using the Vitamin A that they became more disinterested. Is there any natural replacements for all these vitamins?

For Taurine replacement I used 100g chicken heart per 4 pounds chicken.

Turkey... I am pretty sure it's the meat they just don't care for! I gave them some raw turkey before I started preparing the thanksgiving turkey and they told me to eat it

There just seems to be a very overflowing and overwhelming fountain of information and no two people seem to have the same opinion except that Raw is better! I know I have to find what works for my guys... but my fear is, what if I am unknowingly making them miss something essential from their diet?

we get this right!
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