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Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
Changes to Dr. Pierson's diet is the Taurine for heart,
How much actual heart are you adding to the recipe? Maybe the cats are finding it to be too much? The heart should really be in proportion to the rest of the animal, so one chicken heart for one whole chicken.

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
They definately do not like it cooked! and I am not sure they are crazy about egg at all to be honest, but I know its good for them so I have played around with auantities to get some egg in their diet.
My cats don't like egg either. I personally don't think egg is essential to a cat's diet, so if yours are balking at food with egg in it, I'd leave it out. For now at least.

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
I still use all the other vitamins, fish oil, water, etc...
If you're using B vitamins, those tend to have a pretty distinguished smell that many cats find unappealing. Maybe try another brand, or make a batch without it to see if that makes a difference. Also fish oil can be quite overpowering and I have a cat that won't eat anything if he detects even a molecule of fish oil in it. Try a small batch without fish oil and instead feed an occasional sardine or use green lipped mussel powder for the Omega3s instead.

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
The chicken is mainly purchased at Costco so yes to supermarket meat but I try and get rabbit as fresh as I can.
I'm not a fan of grocery store chicken myself, since it supports the evils of industrial factory farming. Plus, the chickens are so pumped up with drugs to keep them alive in abhorrent conditions that those must certainly get passed on to the "consumer". If there's anyway for you to buy organic chicken from a Whole Foods type store (or even better, a farmer's market!), that would be ideal. I realize cost can be a factor though, so you can only do the best you can. Grocery store chicken is still better than any commercial kibble/canned.
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