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I'm in agreement with L4H when it comes to the meat, it is better to have it in chunks than what is ground-up. The raw chunky meat helps to exercise the jaw as well as to keep the gums and teeth in good shape. And my crew seems to think that it tastes a lot better chunky than ground, there has been different times that I have ground meat and put down alongside with chunks of meat, and they would opt for the chunky meet before they touch the ground meat. Ideally the raw food made with the ground bone is the best way to go but sometimes you're better off when you're starting out just to keep it simple. Until you've had time to study the situation and see how you want to handle it.

I have also supplemented the raw food with kibble and that has also worked well. The raw meat will help to balance the pH of the urine, lessening the chance of crystals or urinary tract problems so this can be a plus.

There are a couple of recipes on the holisticat website that might be of interest to you. One is for chunk pork, and the other is a boneless no grind recipe. I use the pork recipe myself. The cats seem to prefer the pork over anything else, and I'd normally buy a leg of pork rather than loin. Its fat content is a little higher.

Do you have a butcher shop near you? if you have this would be a way to go in regards to bones and fresh ground meat, as well as meat cut the way you want it, and it's a good place to pick up chicken necks and backs for the cat to chew on, and they usually have a good selection of hearts and livers as well.
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