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I do agree with feeding unground food (better for their teeth), but do grind mine because my Puddles only licks her food (typical for a himalayan) and Sweet Pea has had pretty much all her molars pulled. You do have to be careful of the bones you are feeding your cat as the bones have to be typical in the size of what their prey would be like in the wild. The other advantage of grinding is that all the organs get ground together so the cats can't pick & choose what they eat and it will give peace of mind they are getting a balanced diet.

When I first got Rose (she was feral for her first 3 years), I would bring her down chicken breast bones with quite a bit of meat on it and she would take it under the bed and chomp away at it.

They are very good at regurgitating when a piece of meat is still too large . Even my young fosters were eating smaller bone chunks at 8 weeks old.

I have found that it is the tendons & ligaments that the cats have a harder time chomping through.

Good luck!
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