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Updated opinions on Quality Canned Food?

Greetings all. I'm new. Would love to hear updated opinions on quality wet cat food.

I've switched the wet food for my cat with Eosinophilic granuloma complex and am now using Merrick's Before Grain 96% Beef. (See my other thread:

I hear opinions both ways on Beef but figured the brand was different, it had reasonably high "real food" and protein content, and was no-grain.

What is the current opinion on Natural Balance (Chicken & Liver Pate and the Turkey & Giblets)? I rotate between those two, though I've no real evidence rotation is beneficial; I can understand why it is good to see how many foods a cat can--and will-- eat, though. At present, I feed the above two NB flavors to all my others.

I deal with many cats because I do rescue work in NY. I like Wellness but at least half the cats I've tried it with don't like it, preferring Natural Balance instead. Never had any rejects with the NB. Had one reject with the Merrick Beef.

For the moment, I am not considering raw diet even as I know "mouse" would be the ideal food, and so that equivalent makes good sense. I do not feed dry food to my cats, though a few with plaque issues eat just 3 pieces of Dental Rx (which means the other want it too!)

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