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I hope so. Well I bought chicken thighs and cut them up wearing gloves so I wouldn't have to touch the chicken. I threw the chunks on a pan and cooked them on the stove top for about 30 seconds and flipped them. Let them cool and threw them in with a mix of tinned food and mashed pumpkin. Spencer went right for the chicken then everything else! Yay! Mischa moved hers around the dish, chewed on a few bits but didn't eat any, could be because she was sick this morning so has a pretty empty stomach, could be she just likes pumpkin more than chicken. I'll try again with her, I figured I'd up their food to 3 times a day upping the meat content as time goes on. I'll see how they feel about turkey and beef too.

Most of the recipes online call for fish oil, I think mischa might be allergic to fish; is there anything I could use instead? Or just miss it out? I'm going to see too if my local SAMs club could grind up some stuff for me so i wouldn't have to buy a grinder incase the kids don't go for it.
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