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Originally Posted by Miaow View Post
One will eat anything, one is selective, and the next one will not eat table scraps. But they all go crazy for wet food.

I should look into it again, but will the 3 cats it seems like I have to make so much of it. It all seems so daunting about getting the right mix of ingredients and supplements.

How many ounces (medallions) did you feed per day of the NV? Going by what is recommeneded on their website I found that it would be cheaper than feeding a high quality wet food?
I was feeding a litter of 7 kittens and 3 adult cats along with canned food, so I was going through quite a few medallions. I would go through about 3 bags a week and just couldn't afford to continue.

There are mixes that you can buy and add to raw meat. It may be a bit easier on the pocket book and you would have more control over the ingredients.

As for my recipe, it's quite simple, use a whole prey model. The easiest is to use whole chickens, add 10% organs (chicken liver for Vit A/hearts for taurine/kidneys), add a few raw egg yolks, some salt (they need iodine). I cut off fat, but leave the lean skin as cats don't get their Vit D from the sun, but from partially digested vit D in their prey's skin.

Here are some alternatives:
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