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Question What are some high quality wet cat foods?

Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I have a 10 year old female ragdoll/persian named Corin
She was raised on dry, but I have become educated to the fact that it is terrible, and basically does way more harm than good. I switched her to an all wet food diet about 2 months ago and she is doing great!
I'm about to transition her to a raw food diet, VERY slowly because she has a sensitive little tummy!
I've mostly been feeding her fancy feast, and some wellness grain free formulas. I'd like to stay away from poor quality proteins and meats, grains, etc, stuff that doesn't need to be in the food for optimum health (do they even need vegetables? I don't believe so..)

I want to use the best wet food to help with transitioning to raw food. So to make this easier on me when I go to the pet store for food today, I'd just like to know what wet foods are the best brand as far as nutrition, meat/protein/nutrient quality, etc. Are there some brands that are considered 'high quality' that perhaps aren't as good? I want her transition to raw food to be as smooth as possible.
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