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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
I'd really suggest getting rid of all the kibble (there is no good dry food for cats, but especially not a "diet" or "light" one). Switch to all wet food, preferably one with little to no grains and no by-products, and you'll be amazed at how much healthier (and slimmer) your cats become. Some reading on feline nutrition for you to check out:
Particularly focus on this section about feline obesity and dry food:
Exactly what I was going to suggest! Kitties will go through a "gorge" period when first switched to canned food as they try to fill their craving for carbs, much like people craving junk food when they are dieting. Once the gorge period is over they will eat their fill in 15 minutes. Leave the canned food down for 15 minutes twice a day. Your kitty will be lean in no time as the highly processed carbs in dry kibble are not processed by the cat - the obligate carnivore - very well which leads to obesity.
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