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jchadola October 27th, 2013 01:54 PM

Cats with CRF
I have been using the probiotic Azodyl with good results in the past - creatine and urea down but it has stopped working. Can anyone suggest other products. (Probiotics) and give me the link to purchase them and whether you have found it works. Canada has Azodyl and probiavi from Qurbec.. I have not tried probiavi yet. I love Princess dearly and do not want to lose her. Last week her creatinine went up to about 666 and her urea went up. Any help appreciated. Just had about a $700 vet bill last west. (At least pet insurance helps somewhat). But she is at the vet again today. Did not want to eat.

I should note that a broken - off fang abscessed 2 weeks ago. Her chin was swollen and she was in a great deal of pan. My gut tells me there is a relation. My vet says no. There was puss shooting out all over the place as she had her broken tooth pulled out . By the way she has had regular dental care but had this broken off fang for years with no problems. So it is not a matter of neglect on my part. Comments appreciated.


growler~GateKeeper October 28th, 2013 11:51 PM

Is Princess getting regular SubQ fluids?
What food is she eating & what have you tried to get her to eat when she's not feeling like it?

How much does Princess weigh & what is the dose of Azodyl you are giving?
How are you giving it to her - pilling compete capsule or opened sprinkled on food?
Is the bottle kept in the refrigerator?

The abscessed fang would not be directly related to the CRF, it would however explain, at least in part, her not wanting to eat as that would be rather painful - is she on antibiotics & pain meds for this after it was removed?

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