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Emerick December 22nd, 2014 07:50 AM

Kitten with rear leg weakness- X-rays, blood work are fine
My 8 mth old Scottish Fold kitten has been having weakness in her rear legs for the last couple weeks. She is walking around and eating but I noticed that she is sleeping more, staying in the same position for longer periods of time, and not playing as much. As well, she isn't jumping up on the couch or bed. She will put her two front paws up and try to get up by digging her front claws into the couch and almost lifting herself up- or she looks at me and whimpers and I pick her up. I also noticed she had been sitting "side saddle" and not quite full on her rump.

I brought her to the vet last week and they did X-rays and blood work. Both were fine. X Rays showed she was severely constipated and she was given an enema, and fluids to help. They said she had passed balled up tissue which they though was causing her issue. My cat is obsessed with eating toilet paper and Kleenex and she always seems to find it somewhere. The vet said she should have been able to pass that and it should have dissolved in her colon but for some reason it didn't.

It seems like the vet focused on the constipation as the reason why she was lethargic etc but I still feel there is something going on with her back legs. The vet said she didn't see any issues in the X-ray, no hip displaysia, arthritis etc. Kitty is home now and seems to be feeling a bit better but when I pick her up she sometimes whimpers if I touch her back legs. As well, when I put her on the ground she sometimes stumbles, like her back legs can't support her. She approaches stairs cautiously but does climb them. She seems to be walking on her tip toes at times too.

I am going to take her back to the vet. What are some things I can get them to check? What would be the reason for her weakness? I guess it may be neurological but would she whimper if I touched her limb if it was neurological? I've read other pages here that talk about a possible blood clot? How would they diagnose that? What kinds of tests should the vet do? I know this breed is known for hip issues but the vet said she's fine in that dept. Please help!

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