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Claires November 23rd, 2017 01:22 PM

No poop for 7 days help!
So happy to have found this group! Can you help me with something? 😔 I travelled with my dog (6y/o shih tzu) from the Philippines to Windsor. We arrived last Nov 17. The appetite, energy, acitivity didnít change at all. He passes urine regularly even if heís still adjusting with the cold weather outside. Our ONLY problem here is that he hasnít pooped since we reached Canada and its been a week now. No other unusual things about him.

MaxaLisa November 23rd, 2017 01:37 PM

That's not good and you always have to worry about blockage, which is very serious. If he vomits at all I would get to the ER vet.

You might try something with the right kind of fiber and fat. Ground flaxseed are my favorite for this, but apple pectin may also work. I wonder if just apple would work? The standard med I think is magnesium based. Be careful if you use anything for humans because they often have additives that dogs can't have.

If this is ongoing, a vet check is in order because there may be inflammation in the digestive system that is causing things to stop and needs to be treated. Gut infections frequently do this if not treated.

rhynes November 23rd, 2017 04:27 PM

To add, a good run always helps the bowels get moving. Any time my pups get bunged up, I'll head to the local parks.

But yeah, like maxlisa says, probably time for a vet check.

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