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Bdouce December 31st, 2021 08:56 PM

Dog eat infection

My dog ate some of another dogs food and has been suffering an ear yeast infection. This has happened before, but I was wondering if itís okay to give her oral canestan to fix it? We have used the cream and it works wonders on the outside but has not healed the interior infection.

hazelrunpack January 1st, 2022 08:56 AM

Hi, Bdouce. Welcome to the board.

If the canestan is in cream form, I wouldn't do it. Topical antifungals can be quite toxic if ingested. Even antifungals formulated to be taken by mouth can be quite hard on the body. If you think your dog has a systemic fungus infection, your safest route is to consult a veterinarian for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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