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Yamcha September 7th, 2012 03:16 PM

Cat Whining for Attention..
Hi Guys,

My approximately 3 years old male cat Monty seems to always want constant attention, and If I don't give him it he becomes quite vocal.. He often wants to cuddle with me in bed a few times a day..

Since I work from home It can be very difficult for me to get things done when he's awake..

Any recommendations or advice? He's already been neutered, I took him for a checkup just recently in March of 2012, and the vet said he was very healthy..

Also this isn't new behaviour, he's always been like this..

Appreciate any help =)

scottyxx September 7th, 2012 03:23 PM

My cat is exactly the same! He cries for me if he cannot see me! Usually if I just shout Bandit, I'm here. He will come running in and be content I haven't left him.

He usually jumps on my lap any time he sees me on the computer and demands cuddles, he does that paw kneeding thing on my back whenever I lay down, he even jumps in the shower with me.

I have found that giving him a basket, or in his case because he is so big, a watermelon box, with toys in it, and one of my old pillow cases, he will happily lay in there for a while now. So when he comes up, I will go put him into his box and pet him till he lies down. He'll then stay there for a while.

Maybe try this?

My guy is completely overly attached, and if we aren't up by 7:30 for morning cuddles, he will cry at me to wake me up haha!

I've also found that if I sit at a desk, he wont jump on the keyboard but will rather just lay on my feet and sleep.

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