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Smileysam July 7th, 2016 10:26 PM

Question? Can't
I have 2 cats who, sit up on their butts and beg, or some people call it preying, with their paws. One will stretch right up high with her paws and put them together and keep going. One will jump up on the counter in the bathroom in front of the mirror and watch himself do this. :crazy: I can get the both of them together and they just give her, it's crazy cute. We just call it "the begging thing"

Is there a specific name for this behaviour? Is it a genetic thing?, they are from the same queen, but different litters?

Longblades July 8th, 2016 07:03 AM

We need a photo of that, you know. One with the two of them together. :)

My cats do that to see better and to ask for food. They started doing it to try to reach the food but it's hard standing up really straight on your hind legs so they eventually sort of sink till they're sitting on their butts. Mine don't do their front paws the way yours do though.

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