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QueenB March 6th, 2012 04:51 PM

Abbotsford, BC - Dog Grooming and Raw Food
I have just moved to Abbotsford, BC from Nova Scotia and I am looking for a place that does grooming. I have two dogs, and they are in need of a tidy. I have trouble trusting new hairstylists for myself, so with my dogs its even worse. Any suggestions? Also I am looking for places to buy RAW Food. Any advice would help. Thanks a lot!!:)

Soundy December 16th, 2013 01:47 AM

Well, sad to see you never got a reply to this... I just moved to Abbotsford from Pitt Meadows and would love any advice on local groomers as well (although Mommy will only ever let Dusty go to his regular "stylist" in Pitt Meadows/Langley, she's not so fussy about the others). There's one just a block away from me on Old Yale that looks like it runs out of the person's basement, might give them a look.

And yeah, I've been giving our guys the Nature's Instinct raw and need to find a local source... Petsmart didn't have any raw, dunno what else is around.

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