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smg680 May 3rd, 2022 09:50 AM

are these love bites?
What does it mean when a cat nibbles on your hand? Bob has been doing this for a while with me. The bites don't hurt at first, but I have to keep telling him 'no'. I've heard of 'love bites'; could he be doing this, and if so, what does this mean?

marko May 8th, 2022 09:34 AM

Kittens love to nibble - it's part of play behaviour.
BUUUUt you should try to discourage this because they will get bigger and have a stronger bite force and still think this is acceptable play with you and othrs.

Best to let kitty nibble on a toy you are holding versus your hand.
hope that may help

smg680 August 17th, 2022 10:57 PM

I should have said this earlier
I forgot to mention that Bob's not a kitten; he's full grown. We think he was abandoned by a previous owner. He has one eye, which we think he lost in a fight, but I vaguely remember seeing a kitten a few years ago that looked a lot like him, and his eye looked strange to me, like it was due to some kind of illness or something. He's never been to the vet, except for when Dad and I took him to the Humane Society to get him fixed (and this was when he went by 'Horny Bob'. He's since been fixed, and he's one of the sweetest cats in my dad's garage. He's even been in the house and the breezeway many times. He also takes it upon himself to walk me back up to the house after I visit him and the cats. And on my most recent birthday, he killed a bird for me! But he still nibbles my hand, and I still tell him no, and that he's a good sweet nice Bob, and good sweet nice Bobs don't bite!

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